Half-past Till Home

Joshua Heston , Ethan Grubaugh and Corbyn Snodgrass who reside in the western Ozarks (Hollister / Branson , Missouri) to discuss the nuances of local Ozarks.

More on Murder in Marble Hill

“The Governor has respited William Pents, of Bollinger county, sentenced to be hanged on the 14th of this month, until the 11th of February next. Pents was convicted of the murder of a little girl while gathering grapes in the
woods, last fall. Judge, prosecuting attorneys, jurors and a number of citizens petition for a commutation. No doubt as to guilt but think Pents is crazy.

Who Murdered the Patterson Family?

Brochure published by The Southeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission. In my book “Blood in the Ozarks: Expanded Second Edition” I devoted a chapter to personal stories of Civil War atrocities. In this chapter I included the murder of Confederate officer William Patterson and his entire family. I used a pamphlet published by the Southeast MissouriContinue reading “Who Murdered the Patterson Family?”

Murder in Marble Hill!

It doesn’t happen often in small towns and rural communities, but when a violent crime is committed in these areas it is shocking. Often people think it is a sign of the times and that this world is getting worse. Is the world really worse now than it was over 100 years ago? That’s debatable.Continue reading “Murder in Marble Hill!”