Guerrillas in Patton

The Friday May 29, 1863 edition of the Perryville Weekly Union reports that guerrillas (Southern partisan fighters) intercepted a Union captain and some other Union troops from Madison County, Missouri were traveling to Patton, Bollinger County Missouri to get some men of the Enrolled Missouri Militia resulting in a small skirmish. Note that the newspaperContinue reading “Guerrillas in Patton”

Radicals Treatment of Conservatives in Missouri

In my previous post “Frank Valle: A Perry County Secessionist That Bollinger Countians Wanted to¬†Elect” I noted that: “The radicals of the era , as they referred to themselves, imposed harsh treatment of Southern sympathizers both during and after the war. In fact, after the war, they turned on the Germans.” Proof of this canContinue reading “Radicals Treatment of Conservatives in Missouri”

Frank Valle: A Perry County Secessionist That Bollinger Countians Wanted to Elect

The July 8, 1864 issue of the Perryville Weekly News (Perry county, Missouri) paid special attention to inquiries from Bollinger County, to its paper seeking information pertaining to whether or not a Perry county resident by the name of Frank Valle had been nominated to the state convention. According to the paper: “We received aContinue reading “Frank Valle: A Perry County Secessionist That Bollinger Countians Wanted to Elect”

Bombshell: Review of Thomas Goodrich’s “Hellstorm”

“HELLSTORM” by Thomas Goodrich is available in paperback, audio book and a documentary DVD at Money Tree Publishing. World War II has often been described as “the good war” and those who lived and fought during this period in history are often called “the greatest generation.” While Americans who answered the call to save EuropeContinue reading “Bombshell: Review of Thomas Goodrich’s “Hellstorm””

The Capture and Execution of John Bolin

The February 10, 1864 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer carried the news of John Bolin’s capture on Holcomb Island, the many papers mistakenly reported Holcomb was “near” Cape Girardeau, Missouri , it is much farther South. The paper reported that Union forces killed seven and captured eight of Bolin’s command (including Bolin himself) and wereContinue reading “The Capture and Execution of John Bolin”

Harsh Words and Veiled Threats All Part of a Newspaper Feud

From the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s it was not uncommon for rival newspapers to take lighthearted jabs at each other from time to time but an article found in the October 29, 1897 Dunklin Democrat newspaper revealed a feud between two papers that was anything but lighthearted, in fact, it was down rightContinue reading “Harsh Words and Veiled Threats All Part of a Newspaper Feud”

James Gang Gold in Wayne County, Missouri

The October 6, 1948 The Daily Standard newspaper (Sikeston, Missouri) reported the curious case of a large cache of gold coins and certificates in a cave near Gads Hill, Missouri. Gads Hill, is the site of the James Gang train robbery in 1874. The paper reported: “Captain O.L. Wallis of the state patrol , saidContinue reading “James Gang Gold in Wayne County, Missouri”

Frank James in Advance Missouri

The Friday December 3, 1909 Bloomfield (Missouri) Vindicator reported: “The St. Louis Post-Dispatch of November 30th, contained the following article. We are disposed to doubt the statement that Frank James lives in this country but give the article to our readers for what it may be worth.” “This country” as The Vindicator described it wasContinue reading “Frank James in Advance Missouri”