Blood in the Ozarks: Union War Crimes Against Southern Sympathizers and Civilians Second Edition , paperback 320 pages. Contains an additional 140 pages of new information, personal stories, newspaper accounts and testimony of former slaves. $24.50

Blood in the Ozarks Second Edition Kindle eBook format, 225 pages that show the brutality of war in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Free with Kindle Unlimited, $8.00 to purchase. Click Here for free preview.

A Beginner’s Guide to False Flags, learn the Deep State agenda behind the biggest American events from the Revolutionary War to the 2016 election and beyond. Paperback 298 pages. $15.00

A Beginner’s Guide to False Flags Kindle eBook format, 220 pages. FREE until August 20, 2019 at which time it can be purchased for $4.49.

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