Battle at Jackson: How one town’s City Council turned its back on its Heritage and bowed to Left-Wing radicals

The following articles are from the Southeast Missourian archives from January-March, 2005 and detail my efforts to erect a Missouri Battle Flag at the monument of Colonel William Jeffers in Jackson, Missouri, a proposal that originally had the backing of  (then) Jackson Mayor Paul Sander, the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. OneContinue reading “Battle at Jackson: How one town’s City Council turned its back on its Heritage and bowed to Left-Wing radicals”

Interview with Bollinger County Resident Denny Cato

Denny Cato was hired as a maintenance supervisor for the City of Marble Hill, (a rural community in Bollinger County, Missouri) on October 1, 2014. According to Cato his duties included maintaining the City’s streets, water lines and other infrastructure. The operator of a gravel business before taking the job Cato stated that at theContinue reading “Interview with Bollinger County Resident Denny Cato”

Colonel Jeffers Captures Dallas (Marble Hill)

The August 23, 1862 edition of the Perryville Weekly Union reports that Colonel Jeffers (of the 8th Missouri Cavalry, CSA ) entered Dallas with around sixty men and surrounded several homes in which members of the Union state militia were encamped. The paper also reported that all were released on oath except their commander CaptainContinue reading “Colonel Jeffers Captures Dallas (Marble Hill)”

Illinois Invades Bollinger County

One of the problems faced by Missourians who cast their lot with the South is the fact that they faced far more than German immigrants loyal to Lincoln. If that was their only foe they might have been more successful in defending the state from what they perceived as heavy handed tactics to keep MissouriContinue reading “Illinois Invades Bollinger County”

Carpenter’s Court Martial

The November 17, 1863 Daily Missouri Republican (St. Louis, Missouri) reported of court-martial proceedings against Captain John Carpenter, Company C, 2cd Arkansas Volunteers (Union). It appears that Captain Carpenter was briefly stationed in Bollinger County, Missouri and feared an attack by Confederate forces. In his haste the paper states that he burned “government bacon andContinue reading “Carpenter’s Court Martial”

Botched Attack in Bollinger County

The November 21, 1862 edition of the Perryville Weekly Union newspaper carried the story of a Captain Johnson, who resided in Bollinger County, Missouri and was attacked at his home by a Emanuel Grounds, who was accompanied by 14- 15 men. The attack went badly for Grounds and his men when Captain Johnson met themContinue reading “Botched Attack in Bollinger County”

Slavery & Stereotypes in Confederate Arkansas

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I have had many irons in the fire but today some Facebook memories popped up in my notifications and I thought they were worth sharing. A result of some research I had been doing a few years back, the information dealt with the harsh treatment of slavesContinue reading “Slavery & Stereotypes in Confederate Arkansas”

Happy Missouri Secession Day!

After the Missouri State Guard secured victories at Wilson’s Creek (near Springfield, Missouri) in August, 1861 and Lexington, Missouri in September, 1861, the Missouri Legislature met at the Masonic Hall in Neosho, Missouri on October 28, 1861 to debate the subject of secession from the Union. With the attempt at maintaining a neutral stance inContinue reading “Happy Missouri Secession Day!”