Missing in the Ozarks: The Boston Mountains & the “Bermuda Triangle of Arkansas”

Northwest Arkansas has seen a disproportionate amount of missing person incidents compared to the rest of the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri which has led some to call the area the “Bermuda Triangle of Arkansas”. University of Missouri anthropologist Cameron McConnell joins host Clint Lacy to discuss the strange phenomena surrounding this mystery. 

Episode 16 of From the Foothills “Rebel Territory”

In this day and age of political-correctness historical facts are often sacrificed for sanitized history. In this episode, host Clint Lacy offers proof that Southeast Missouri was “Rebel” territory during the time of the Civil War. Note: This episode contains information on how you can support those who were impacted by the EF 2 tornadoContinue reading “Episode 16 of From the Foothills “Rebel Territory””

Episode 8: Secret History of the Wild Wild West

A Book Review of Daniel J Duke’s book “The Secret History of the Wild Wild West”. Daniel J Duke claims that he is the great great grandson of Jesse James. In his book, he claims James faked his death in 1882 and lived out the rest of his life in Texas under the alias JamesContinue reading “Episode 8: Secret History of the Wild Wild West”

EPISODE 7: Who Murdered the Patterson Family?

The Ozark Foothills was a volatile and dangerous place to be during the American Civil War. Locally, in Bollinger County, Missouri questions remain about who murdered William Patterson, his wife and their four children. Host Clint Lacy believes he has solved the mystery. Click the link below to listen to the latest episode of FromContinue reading “EPISODE 7: Who Murdered the Patterson Family?”

Episode 6: The Rape of Delaware County

Located on the Western edge of the Ozarks, Delaware County, Oklahoma, has made both national and international headlines because of the corruption that exists there. Listen to Episode 6 of the From the Foothills podcast. Purchase my book “The Rape of Delaware County” by clicking this link: The Rape of Delaware County https://a.co/d/dRpMlD3