Episode 6: The Rape of Delaware County

Located on the Western edge of the Ozarks, Delaware County, Oklahoma, has made both national and international headlines because of the corruption that exists there. Listen to Episode 6 of the From the Foothills podcast. Purchase my book “The Rape of Delaware County” by clicking this link: The Rape of Delaware County https://a.co/d/dRpMlD3

Bollinger Mill

Mill History: From Wikipedia: In 1797, George Frederick Bollinger received a land grant from the Spanish Government and moved with several other families from North Carolina to what is now Burfordville, Missouri.[4] In 1800, Bollinger began building a log dam and mill on the Whitewater River. In 1825, Bollinger rebuilt the mill and dam using limestone. After Bollinger’s death in 1842, his daughterContinue reading “Bollinger Mill”

Announcing “From the Foothills” a new podcast from Foothills Media

Foothills Media LLC is proud to announce the launch of our new podcast “From the Foothills” a new podcast that focuses on the music, heritage & culture of the Eastern Ozarks of Southeast Missouri. Our first episode is Part One of “The Wilson Massacre” which occurred on Christmas Day in Ripley County, Missouri. An eventContinue reading “Announcing “From the Foothills” a new podcast from Foothills Media”

Part 3 of “The Rape of Delaware County”

In Episode 3 of The Rape of Delaware County, Clint Lacy talks about the cover-up which followed Edwin Turlington’s arrest for shooting Darrell Philpott in self-defense. While the Delaware County, Oklahoma Sheriff’s Department chose to arrest Edwin Turlington, Deputy M.G. Wells appears to protect Darrell Philpott.  Part of this cover up involves using low-resolution, blackContinue reading “Part 3 of “The Rape of Delaware County””

My Latest Appearance on the Corrupt Guilt Podcast

Part two of my appearance on the Corrupt Guilt podcast with host Savannah Renee. In this episode, a recap of our coverage of The Rape of Delaware County, the arrest of Edwin Turlington for defending himself against a convicted drug felon, Edwin’s distinguished military career and the possible reasons why law enforcement officials in DelawareContinue reading “My Latest Appearance on the Corrupt Guilt Podcast”