More on Sheriff Rogers

The February 15th, 1867 issue of the Tama Republican Newspaper (Toledo , Iowa) carries the news of Sheriff James Rogers arresting a local preacher.

In my previous article “Who Murdered the Patterson Family” I made the connection between Bollinger County Sheriff James Rogers (1866-68) and the murder of the Patterson family in Bollinger County, Missouri during the Civil War. Rogers was charged with murder while acting as sheriff, for war crimes he previously committed. In my previous post I stated that there could be no doubt that Sheriff James Rogers was a criminal but apparently the Sheriff hated all things moral.

The February 15, 1867 issue of the Tama County Republican newspaper (Toledo, Iowa) carried the news of an act so embarrassing that Sheriff Rogers felt the need to explain it to the public. It was so embarrassing that the Sheriff opted to inform the public through a card (insert) in the local Cape Girardeau, Missouri paper. According to the Tama County Republican:

“James Rogers, sheriff of Bollinger county, Mo. publishes “A Card” in the Cape Girardeau News, under the head of “New Advertisements,’ (we suppose the editor was ashamed to have it seen in this reading matter) defending his conduct for having arrested a preacher. Mr Rogers can make himself easy on that point his services are no longer needed in that line
the Supreme Court has taken the preacher under its wing, and says, in thc language of the old camp-meeting hymn,
We do declare, without a doubt,
That Christians have a right to shout;
O, glory, glory, hallelujah !”

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