Dick Morris Schools Sean Spicer

Pollster Dick Morris described Vice President Mike Pence’s actions yesterday as a “betrayal”.

I was watching Spicer and Company on Newsmax TV tonight, the host, former Press Secretary for President Trump Sean Spicer, was interviewing pollster Dick Morris and asked him what he thought about Vice President Mike Pence’s actions yesterday.

To put things into perspective, as Vice-President Pence could have excluded the electors from the states that have experienced massive, documented fraud, and had the state legislators decide the matter. Instead he folded like a cheap suit.

But I digress, before Dick Morris was asked the question, Spicer stated that he and Morris had disagreed before but he [Spicer] prefaced the question by stating he believed Pence had been as loyal as one could be to President Trump.

I don’t have the transcript to make a direct quote so I am going to paraphrase a bit.

Morris answered Spicer by stating, “That’s like asking did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln?”

Morris then stated Pence’s actions yesterday were “as disloyal as one could get” and “After yesterday he will be unable to be elected dog catcher.”

When Mike Pence awakened yesterday morning he was confronted with two possibilities for his future: He could reject the electors from the swing states that suffered massive voter fraud and be remembered as a hero or he could side with the establishment and be remembered as a coward.

Unfortunately Pence chose the latter. He will forever be remembered as a traitor to his country and a coward in the minds of everyone.


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