From the Editor: My Thoughts On the Events of January 6,2021

I recorded this video shortly after the events of January 6, 2021. My thoughts and emotions were still raw but I stand by them. It was sickening to watch Senators and Representatives suddenly back out of their commitment to object to the certification of electors from states in which massive voter fraud had been proven. It is equally sickening to watch the press and Congress condemn these elected officials for trying to insure the integrity of our electoral process. Equally sickening was watching Congress praise the same Capitol police that shot an unarmed woman. As I stated I made this video shortly after the events transpired and I mistakenly referred to Ashli Babbit as Ashli Abbot, for that I apologize.- Editor


January 12, 2021 Press Release

Washington, DC— Tuesday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) issued the below statement in response to scurrilous Fake News Media and Socialist Democrat attacks related to his January 6th “Save America” rally speech:

As one of America’s most effective conservative leaders, I defend my honor and reputation against scurrilous, George Orwellian, 1984, Socialist Democrats Politics of Personal Destruction, the same attack strategy used in 2012 against then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and nonstop against President Trump with false Russian Collusion charges and the 2019 sham impeachment effort.

Let’s be clear, this entire smear campaign is about intimidating, censoring and suppressing the ability of American citizens to fight at the ballot box the efforts of Socialist Democrats to seize control of the United States of America.

So that I am unambiguously clear, American citizens’ recourse is at the ballot box (maybe this comment will deter Socialist Democrats and Fake News Media from again shrilly shouting false claims of violence advocacy).

Daily Dose of Straight Talk

John B. Wells is the former host of Coast to Coast a.m., one of THE largest late night talk shows in America, he left to found Caravan to Midnight , an internet, subscription-based program to have more creative control and the ability to bring his listeners the truth.

John talks about Big Tech censorship, the coming repercussions against Trump supporters that is already taking place, gun control and much much more!

I Have A Dream

From the Dixie Heritage newsletter. Subscribe at:

I have to admit that after seeing YEARS of attacks against Southern history, heritage and culture coming out of Washington, D.C., it was nice to see the elitist / cowards from both sides of the aisle scatter like cockroaches when someone turns on the light. It was even better to see the Confederate flag flying in that den of vipers afterwards- Editor

The Dixie Heritage Show: Chaos & Civil War

The Constitution of the United States gives citizens the right to petition their government with a redress of grievance. Only one problem, the Constitution does not tell us how exactly that we go about doing it. Another problem, what if the normal processes of government have been closed to the people? Dr. Ed does his best to make sense of the Chaos that was Wednesday. is this what “civil war” looks like? The program begins with an excerpt from the last speech given by the late Dr. Martin Luther King. Ironically, they are more appropriate today for white Americans than they were decades ago when he spoke them to a crowd of black Americans.

Lt. General Thomas McInerney, says white hats (good guys, part of special forces) got Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the breach of the Capitol on Wednesday.

Dick Morris Schools Sean Spicer

Pollster Dick Morris described Vice President Mike Pence’s actions yesterday as a “betrayal”.

I was watching Spicer and Company on Newsmax TV tonight, the host, former Press Secretary for President Trump Sean Spicer, was interviewing pollster Dick Morris and asked him what he thought about Vice President Mike Pence’s actions yesterday.

To put things into perspective, as Vice-President Pence could have excluded the electors from the states that have experienced massive, documented fraud, and had the state legislators decide the matter. Instead he folded like a cheap suit.

But I digress, before Dick Morris was asked the question, Spicer stated that he and Morris had disagreed before but he [Spicer] prefaced the question by stating he believed Pence had been as loyal as one could be to President Trump.

I don’t have the transcript to make a direct quote so I am going to paraphrase a bit.

Morris answered Spicer by stating, “That’s like asking did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln?”

Morris then stated Pence’s actions yesterday were “as disloyal as one could get” and “After yesterday he will be unable to be elected dog catcher.”

When Mike Pence awakened yesterday morning he was confronted with two possibilities for his future: He could reject the electors from the swing states that suffered massive voter fraud and be remembered as a hero or he could side with the establishment and be remembered as a coward.

Unfortunately Pence chose the latter. He will forever be remembered as a traitor to his country and a coward in the minds of everyone.