Sage Wanderer on The Second Boston Tea Party

I’ve been following Sage Wanderer on YouTube for quite a while now. He has used his channel to document his life’s stories (See Perils of an Interesting Life). Sage is a very talented musician and that’s kind of where his story begins. His band at one time had three record companies courting him until one day, he was presented with a “Crossroads” moment. He could sell his soul and have success or have to slug it out in the honky tonks for the rest of his life because the powers that be would make sure he was blackballed in the entertainment industry.

Sage kept his soul intact and the offers from the record companies disappeared (along with the phonecalls from the clubs he had always been in demand at).

He spent some time as a preacher before returning to the bars (those who would book him) and all of it lead to a very interesting life.

Of course “Sage” isn’t his real name but it fits him.

Wikipedia defines a “Sage” as:

“Someone who has attained wisdom. The term has also been used interchangeably with a ‘good person’, and a ‘virtuous person.”

I have to say that from all of the videos I have watched of his stories and commentaries, he definitely lives up to his moniker.

His latest video is a summation of his thoughts about the events that transpired yesterday at the Capital Building in Washington, D.C. and in my opinion, it’s time well spent watching it.

Note: Sage does not have dyslexia (that I know of) he has to speak and title his videos in code when mentioning certain keywords or YouTube’s AI censor will “flag” him and remove his channel.


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