From the Editor: My Thoughts On the Events of January 6,2021

I recorded this video shortly after the events of January 6, 2021. My thoughts and emotions were still raw but I stand by them. It was sickening to watch Senators and Representatives suddenly back out of their commitment to object to the certification of electors from states in which massive voter fraud had been proven.Continue reading “From the Editor: My Thoughts On the Events of January 6,2021”

Dick Morris Schools Sean Spicer

I was watching Spicer and Company on Newsmax TV tonight, the host, former Press Secretary for President Trump Sean Spicer, was interviewing pollster Dick Morris and asked him what he thought about Vice President Mike Pence’s actions yesterday. To put things into perspective, as Vice-President Pence could have excluded the electors from the states thatContinue reading “Dick Morris Schools Sean Spicer”