Sage Wanderer on The Second Boston Tea Party

I’ve been following Sage Wanderer on YouTube for quite a while now. He has used his channel to document his life’s stories (See Perils of an Interesting Life). Sage is a very talented musician and that’s kind of where his story begins. His band at one time had three record companies courting him until oneContinue reading “Sage Wanderer on The Second Boston Tea Party”

About Those Official Numbers

Most “official” sources claim that 110,000 Missouri men fought for the Union and some 30,000 fought for the Confederacy. I’ve always questioned these figures for several reason: 1: Does this number include Union soldiers from neighboring states whose units were designated as “Missouri” units? 2: Does this number include the number of Missouri men whoContinue reading “About Those Official Numbers”

St. Louis Globe Democrat Paid Tribute to Will Mayfield & Bollinger County, Missouri

The August 23, 1925 issue of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat covered the counties of Southeast Missouri in its “Travelog” series of the state. Included in the article is a substantial article about Bollinger County and William Mayfield, who the Globe described as “the County’s leading citizen” and “after many hearbreaking experiences and tribulations finally succeededContinue reading “St. Louis Globe Democrat Paid Tribute to Will Mayfield & Bollinger County, Missouri”