Objection to “Decoration Day”

My latest foray of mining local history from newspaper archives is particularly interesting, for several reasons. The June 27, 1889 Warrensburg Standard “calls out” the Kansas City Globe for getting its facts wrong. Apparently the Globe claimed the prosecutor in Johnson County, Missouri filed criminal charges against an individuals for trying to honor Decoration Day.Continue reading “Objection to “Decoration Day””

General Order #1 Forbade Anyone From Leaving Perryville / Bollinger Counties

The August 16 , 1862 Perryville Weekly Union carried the notice of General Order #1 issued by Provost Marshal Charles Weber. Weber was Provost Marshall for Perry and Bollinger Counties. The notice stated that no resident of these counties could leave the county in which they lived until a draft could be made. If residentsContinue reading “General Order #1 Forbade Anyone From Leaving Perryville / Bollinger Counties”

Stolen Elections Are Nothing New

The December 30, 1867 St. Louis Daily Missouri Republican carried the story of something Americans in 2021 are all too familiar with, stolen elections. The paper reported that in Wayne County, Missouri: “At a recent election in Wayne County to fill a vacancy of the House, caused by the resignation of James S. McMurtry, Dr.Continue reading “Stolen Elections Are Nothing New”

Racism in Union Ranks

The September 8, 1865 Charleston Courier (Charleston, Missouri) reports an incident which occurred in Paducah, Kentucky. Apparently an Illinois and Minnesota Union regiment were being relieved of duty as provost guards in the City of Paducah, Kentucky by a negro regiment. …the white soldiers concluded that they had been outraged by the presence of negroContinue reading “Racism in Union Ranks”

Out of the Past: Scopus Was Once the Headquarters for Large Counterfeiting Operation

The June 26, 1891 edition of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat carried an extensive article about U.S. Marshals busting a rather large counterfeiting ring near the town of Scopus. Today Scopus is nothing more than a crossroads but until the closing of the old store there several years ago, used to be a gathering place forContinue reading “Out of the Past: Scopus Was Once the Headquarters for Large Counterfeiting Operation”