General Order #1 Forbade Anyone From Leaving Perryville / Bollinger Counties

The August 16 , 1862 Perryville Weekly Union carried the notice of General Order #1 issued by Provost Marshal Charles Weber. Weber was Provost Marshall for Perry and Bollinger Counties.

The notice stated that no resident of these counties could leave the county in which they lived until a draft could be made.

If residents of said counties had business outside of the county in which they lived, they had to seek a permit authorized by the provost marshal.

The order also stated that those operating ferries on the Mississippi River were not to allow to take anyone into Illinois without a permit.

Those violating the order would be held until a (Union) regiment could be raised in their area.

Perryville Weekly Union August 16, 1862Perryville Weekly Union August 16, 1862 Sat, Aug 16, 1862 – 2 · The Perryville Weekly Union (Perryville, Missouri) ·


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