Hope for the Northern Portion of the Belmont Branch

24 Apr 1973, Tue The Daily Journal (Flat River, Missouri) Newspapers.com

The April 24, 1973 edition of The Daily Journal newspaper reported on efforts to save the northern portion of the Belmont Branch of the Missouri Pacific Railroad from abandonment. The paper reported:

“L. J. Miller of S.F.C. Homes Incorporated at Farmington has filed suit in the Circuit Court in St. Francois County seeking an injunction to forbid the abandoning of service between Bismark and his home factory just west of Highway 67 south of Farmington.

Another suit has been filed by a Joint Committee For Transportation in Madison County which is a cooperative organization formed to oppose the abandoning of the Belmont Branch.”

The Daily Journal also reported that:

“The S.F.C. Homes suit is based on what Miller claims was a verbal assurance that the rail line would be continued indefinitely to the factor site adjacent to Highway 67.”

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