Last Chance for the Belmont Branch

23 Sep 1972, Sat The Kansas City Times (Kansas City, Missouri)

The September 23, 1972 issue of the Kansas City Times reported of a “Hail Mary” pass of sorts by those who opposed the abandonment of the Belmont Branch by the Missouri Pacific railroad.

According to the Times:

“The Interstate Commerce Commission has been asked for a rehearing on a proposal by the Missouri Pacific Railroad to abandon a branch line serving four counties- Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Madison and St. Francois.

The counties and businessmen along the route expressed opposition to abandonment at a 3 day hearing in May, 1971. The examiner ruled that the railroad be allowed to abandon the line, and last September, 1 a commission review board voted to uphold the ruling, with the order to be effective October 3.

Opponents of abandonment of the 65-mile Belmont Branch line say the railroad did not want it to show a profit. They say the service is vital to the economy of the four counties and 16 towns on the line.”

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