The Coup’d’ E’tat

Last night Ted Broer appeared on the Jeff Rense Show to discuss what can only be described as a coup’ d’ estate that took place at our nation’s capital on Wednesday January 6, 2021.


Guest Editorial By Michael White Jr. For the ones that still embrace this empire let me give you a recap of the last 5 years that shows what this empire thinks of us. It started right here [South Carolina] when they removed the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds in Columbia but it didn’t stopContinue reading “IT STARTED WITH ATTACKS ON HERITAGE”

No it is not treasonous to object to the certification of Electors.

From the December 19, 1876 Quad-City Times Election Commission 1876 Tue, Dec 19, 1876 – 4 · Quad-City Times (Davenport, Iowa) · The Hill has reported that Senator Ted Cruz has been met with some very stiff rhetoric for his plan to object to the certification of electors for the 2020 presidential election. AccordingContinue reading “No it is not treasonous to object to the certification of Electors.”