Uncertain Future For Belmont Branch

The Daily Journal newspaper, in its October 23, 1970 issue, reported the bleak future of Missouri Pacific railroad’s Belmont Branch. The Belmont Branch, originally built by the St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern railroad, connected St. Louis and southeast Missouri with the Southeast United States beginning at Bismarck and terminating at Belmont where it connectedContinue reading “Uncertain Future For Belmont Branch”

Lutesville Soldier Dies in Vietnam

The above photo was published in the Daily Standard’s (Sikeston, Mo.) August 26, 1968 issue. This particular scan is not the best quality, but it is all I could find. Army Pfc. David Keith Pomeroy was killed on February 18, 1968 while serving in Vietnam. The Daily Standard reported: Mrs. Faye Pomeroy of Lutesville, inContinue reading “Lutesville Soldier Dies in Vietnam”

No More Passengers on Freight Trains

The December 23, 1909 Democrat – News ( Fredericktown, Missouri) announced that only the southbound local freight train of the St. Louis , Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad, would carry passengers between Bismarck and Glen Allen. The paper cited that the railroad now had two passenger trains running north and south daily and that theContinue reading “No More Passengers on Freight Trains”

My Address to the Wayne County Historical Society

I was invited to speak to the Wayne County [Missouri] Historical Society on April 5, 2021 and I have to say that I’ve never met a more welcoming, friendly and generous group of people. I would like to thank David Bollinger for the invite and all of those who came to listen to me speak.Continue reading “My Address to the Wayne County Historical Society”

Flood of 1982 Devastated Lutesville / Marble Hill, Missouri

In early December, 1982 the towns of Lutesville and Marble Hill were devastated when area flooding caused Crooked Creek to overflow its banks and entered local homes and businesses. The flooding was so severe it made the headlines of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in its December 05, 1982 edition which reported: “Lutesville- Crooked Creek isContinue reading “Flood of 1982 Devastated Lutesville / Marble Hill, Missouri”

Patterson Woman Served Two Governors

The March 14, 1929 Greenville Sun carried the obituary of Mrs. J. N. Birdwell (other papers reported her name as J.M. Birdwell), which stated, in part: “Mrs. J.N. Birdwell, aged Patterson citizen, passed away at her home there Tuesday after an illness of almost three weeks with pneumonia following an attack of the flu. Mrs.Continue reading “Patterson Woman Served Two Governors”

Burlison Opposed Abandonment of the Belmont Branch

Lately I’ve been finding a lot of information on the railroad that passed through Bollinger county. Originally built by the St. Louis Iron Mountain and Southern, the line eventually fell into the hands of the Missouri Pacific railroad and though few signs remain to remind the public the railroad existed, it was once an engineeringContinue reading “Burlison Opposed Abandonment of the Belmont Branch”

Bollinger, Perry Counties Competed for Railroad

The May 26, 1871 Perryville Weekly Union documented a rivalry of sorts between it and the Bollinger county Standard. The cause of the rivalry was whether or not the Iron Mountain railroad would be built through Bollinger or Perry county. The Weekly Union quoted the Bollinger county Standard which had reported: “Perry county is anglingContinue reading “Bollinger, Perry Counties Competed for Railroad”

Frank Valle Captures Union Militia

The Perryville Weekly Union archives have really turned out to be a treasure trove for Southeast Missouri history. The May 15, 1863 edition of the paper reports of Frank Valle capturing capturing local militia members stating: “Militia Captured – We are informed that on last Sunday evening, while Henry Farrar, Daniel Rhyne and Major Clifton,Continue reading “Frank Valle Captures Union Militia”