The Evils of Communism From a Polish Perspective

EPISODE #518 THE EVILS OF COMMUNISM – A POLISH PERSPECTIVE Richard welcomes a journalist from Poland who describes what life was like for his people under communist rule. Guest: Adam Borowski is a 34-year-old journalist, international relations enthusiast, a Polish-English teacher and translator with a passion for the unexplained since he can remember. He isContinue reading “The Evils of Communism From a Polish Perspective”

Hand Signs of the Illuminati

EPISODE #515 HAND SIGNS OF THE ILLUMINATI Richard speaks with an author and researcher of esoteric science to discuss the meaning and origin of Illuminati signs and symbols. GUEST: Micah Dank was born in 1983 in Oceanside New York. From a young age, he had wanted to be a writer, coming from a family ofContinue reading “Hand Signs of the Illuminati”

Jim Fetzer’s the Raw Deal: Did President Trump Carry Out a Plan to Restore the Republic?

“Evidence from several sources supports the hypothesis that Donald Trump carried out a plan to restore the United States as a Constitutional Republic from its status since 1871 as the corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, where the papers were filed in London 18 months ago and the transition occurred at 11:59 19 January 2021, withContinue reading “Jim Fetzer’s the Raw Deal: Did President Trump Carry Out a Plan to Restore the Republic?”

Blackbird’s Breakfast Club Podcast #234

False Flags are real, though the Deep State prefers you believe they are the product of “unhinged conspiracy nuts.”False flags are real and have been used on many occasions to advance nations into war, change regimes or radically sway public opinion. But not every event is a false flag and not every conspiracy theory isContinue reading “Blackbird’s Breakfast Club Podcast #234”