Illinois Invades Bollinger County

From the January 18, 1862 issue of the Daily Missouri Republican

One of the problems faced by Missourians who cast their lot with the South is the fact that they faced far more than German immigrants loyal to Lincoln. If that was their only foe they might have been more successful in defending the state from what they perceived as heavy handed tactics to keep Missouri in the Union by federal authorities. Missourians would have to defend themselves from invasion from the neighboring states of Kansas, Illinois and Iowa with a large portion of Wisconsin troops who would later be sent here.

By January, 1861 Illinois troops found there way to Bollinger County. As the January 18, 1861 issue of St. Louis’s Daily Missouri Republican reported:

“Major Rault, with Illinois Cavalry yesterday, made a forced march on the town of Dallas, Bollinger County, Mo., at this point under orders from Col. Ross, Seventeenth Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, commanding post. They returned last night, capturing twenty-three prisoners, among them Captain Day, Quartermaster, First Battalion Independent Rangers, and also a Mr. Tate, nephew of Honorable J.W. Noel. All of them were members of Thompson’s army.”


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