Guerrillas in Patton

The Friday May 29, 1863 edition of the Perryville Weekly Union reports that guerrillas (Southern partisan fighters) intercepted a Union captain and some other Union troops from Madison County, Missouri were traveling to Patton, Bollinger County Missouri to get some men of the Enrolled Missouri Militia resulting in a small skirmish. Note that the newspaper misspelled Patton as “Paton”.

“It seems a Captain and some few others , residing in Mine la Motte, Madison county, on Wednesday of last week, started to Paton, in Bollinger county, for the purpose of getting a few men belonging to the Enrolled Missouri Militia. While out on this business they were attacked by guerrillas from seven miles from Paton, and one man was killed and two taken prisoners by the guerrillas, the others made their escape and reached Fredericktown the next day in safety. We also learn that they lost two or three horses.”


Blood in the Ozarks: Expanded Second Edition

We have a limited supply of signed copies of this book which documents Union atrocities against Southern sympathizers and civilians in Missouri. The book is over 300 pages. Official records, newspaper archives , personal stories and the testimony of former slaves were all used to document the time in our history.



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