While Some Call for Compromise, Others Stand

Apologies for the low volume of the video. I don’t know what happened other than the fact that my phone got too hot and I had to shut it down. Rodney Neville of Cooter Missouri took the time to stand at the monument, give his own views about the War Between the States and gives his views on the reasons monuments are being attacked and removed.

From Left-Right: Rodney Neville, Steve Thrasher & Clint Lacy

On Saturday July 4, 2020 the Southeast Missourian newspaper published a Letter to the Editor that I had written detailing why the monument to Cape’s Confederate monument:

“Cape’s Historic Preservation Commission, which recently voted unanimously to remove the monument to Southeast Missouri’s Confederate soldiers has proven that it is not interested in history or preserving it.

Charges made by the commission and some very visible left-wing activists that the monument was placed as a warning to African-Americans is unfounded.

During Reconstruction veterans of the Confederate army could not vote, hold most jobs or political office, therefore it wasn’t until the 1900’s that the ladies of the United Daughters of the Confederacy could begin fundraising, which was further delayed by World War I. It took until 1931 before the monument could be erected.

Nothing in the newspaper archives or the UDC records indicate the group had any motives other than honoring Confederate soldiers from Southeast Missouri. Most of the men it honors fought for the Confederacy because Union General Lyon, on Tuesday, June 11, 1861, declared that he would kill every man, woman and child in the state. During the war Missouri lost one-third of its population.

The HPC let the public attend their meeting but no input was allowed, giving it an air of legitimacy when in reality it was a farce, as was their charge that the monument’s “historical integrity” was disturbed.

I ask that Mayor Fox and the city council do not give in to those wanting the monument’s removal. Appeasement never works and if the monument is removed, it will only result in more demands by activists to take down more monuments.”

Also found in the July 4, 2020 edition of the Southeast Missourian was an Editorial penned by the highly respected historian Frank Nickell who wants to move the monument to Lorimier Cemetery and place a plaque there putting the monument into “historical context.”

While I agree that Lorimier Cemetery is a better alternative than putting the monument into storage I can think of two disadvantages of placing the monument there:

1: Lorimier Cemetery is fenced off to protect it from vandals (which is good), unfortunately it stays locked up. If you want to visit Lorimier Cemetery you have to make an appointment (which is bad).

2: The last thing needed if the monument is moved to Lorimier Cemetery is a plaque “putting into context”. We already know what the context is. The ladies of the United Daughters of the Confederacy dedicated the monument in 1931 in memory of the men from Southeast Missouri who served in the Confederacy. Nothing else needs to be said, interpreted or politicized, especially in the final resting place of so many.

Meanwhile Sophia Voss who started the petition to remove the monument is (as predicted) unhappy with the thought of a possible compromise. In a Facebook post dated July 4, 2020 Voss stated:

” I believe compromise is a strong word to choose, seeing as how this ignores the bulk of the arguments presented by those in favor of the monument’s removal. while yes, this does move the CSA monument from our city hall, Lorimer is STILL public land, the monument still has a RACIST history, and is still NOT historically significant. this is little-to-no improvement.”

Voss also stated in the previously quoted Facebook post that she is a liberal and “huge proponent” of Black Lives Matter.

The Cape Girardeau City Council will meet Monday July 6, 2020 at 5:00 pm at 401 Independence St. in Cape Girardeau.

If you haven’t already, please sign the petition to oppose the removal of Cape Girardeau’s Confederate monument:


Also please take the time to contact Mayor Fox and the City Council members to tell them you oppose removing the monument. You can do so by clicking the link below:


“We are the last of our race. Let us be the best as well.”

— Gen. Joseph O. Shelby, CSA

Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

-Proverbs 22:28

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