Group demonstrates in support of keeping monument in place

From the Southeast Missourian newspaper dated Monday July 6, 2020…

Photo credit: John Rust- Southeast Missourian

“From left: Steven Thrasher of Cottonwood Point, Missouri; Rodney Neville of Cooter, Missouri; and Clint Lacy of Marble Hill, Missouri, protest the potential removal of the Confederate monument from Ivers Square in Cape Girardeau on Sunday. “We’re protesting the removal of American history; it’s no longer just about the Confederacy” said Neville. Lacy added: “If they do move it to Old Lorimier Cemetery, I understand that visits are by appointment only. I hope they open the cemetery during the day, and they don’t place a plaque on it. We know what the monument represents; it doesn’t need an explanation.” Lacy said the group, which promoted the gathering on Facebook, had been protesting daily since Friday and that the most present at any one time was five people. The monument is the white slab over Lacy’s left shoulder. The ground around it is closed because of construction on nearby buildings. Two prominent local historic preservation groups, the city’s Historic Preservation Commission and the Kellerman Foundation, have recommended the monument be moved.”

Click Here to sign the petition opposing the removal of Cape’s Confederate monument

Email Cape Girardeau’s City Leaders and Tell Them To Keep the Monument in Its Current Location:

Mayor – Bob Fox (

Ward 1 – Dan Presson (

Ward 2 – Shelly Moore (

Ward 3 – Nate Thomas (

Ward 4 – Robbie Guard (

Ward 5 – Shannon Truxel (

Ward 6 – Stacy Kinder (


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