Slavery Was Not the Cause of the War: Another Example

In my previous post “A Northern View on Race” I gave the example of an Indiana newspaper covering the story of whether or not a former slave was qualified to testify in a court of law. The article which was titled “A Henderson County Nigger On the Witness Stand” , was riddled with racial epitaphs and clearly did not consider newly freed slaves as citizens.

While exploring the archives of the Charleston Courier (Charleston, Mississippi County, Missouri) I found another example of Northern views regarding slavery and whether or not Union soldiers were fighting to abolish the institution.

The May 20th, 1864 edition of the paper carried the following news:

“A mob of soldiers, instigated by abolitionists, destroyed the office of a German democratic newspaper at Bellville, Ill., yesterday afternoon.”

A Northern View on Race

I write and post a lot of historical articles mainly related to the Ozarks and the Civil War. Most of it is well received but every now and then and sometimes someone feels the need to dispute what I say. It’s only natural but most of the time when someone is triggered they make a counterpoint by grabbing the first headline that they feel makes their case.

Ironically I rarely discuss slavery because in the Ozarks, it really wasn’t an issue. Those that fought for the Confederacy in the area usually did so for one of two reasons:

1: Their view on patriotism was based on the fact that they believed in loyalty to the State in which they were living first.

2: Their first taste of war came at the hands of local Union militias looking for opportunities to benefit themselves at the expense of their victims.

On one forum someone posted a video from the Washington Post entitled: “How a propaganda campaign to minimize slavery’s role in the civil war became American history

The obvious take away from the video is to place emphasis on slavery as being a cause of the war. Anyone who doesn’t believe this is accused of subscribing to a “Lost Cause” belief.

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My response to these types of accusations is to take a look at how former slaves were treated in the post-war North. The May 18, 1866 edition of Charleston Courier (Mississippi County, Missouri) carries an article originally published in the Princeton (Indiana) Democrat newspaper, which carried the headline “A Henderson County Nigger on the Witness Stand” The article needs no explanation.

Murder in Mississippi County…

Rush Ridge Cemetery near Wyatt, Mississippi County, Missouri

An article published in 1987 by the Missouri Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans newsletter , “The Missouri Partisan” carried the article of two Confederate soldiers killed near Norfolk, Missouri and that they were buried at Rush Ridge Cemetery near Wyatt in Mississippi County, Missouri.

“Killed near Norfolk, Miss. Co., Mo. Give me the
death of those who for their Country dies, be
mine like their repose when cold and low they lie.
Their loveliest Mother Earth enshrines the fallen
brave, in her sweet lap who gave thee birth they
find an honored grave. The love of liberty with
life is given and life itself the (inf) gift of Heaven.
(See also Strickland. These were two
Confederate soldiers found dead near Norfolk and
buried at Rush Ridge under a single stone.)

An article published by “The Missouri Partisan” newsletter in 1987.

I have yet to find exactly how these two soldiers died but I did find their names on the Rush Ridge Cemetery website, they are W.E. English and the other’s last name was Strickland but no first name is given.

Looking through the records I found something else very interesting. It appears that an entire family was wiped out during the course of the war and buried in Rush Ridge Cemetery:

Ema Heard was born in July 3, 1861 and died on December 16, 1861 she was the daughter of G.A. Heard and Rebecca Heard she was just over 6 months of age.

Her mother Rebecca Heard was born on March 21, 1840 and died on March 19, 1865 at the age of 25.

Emma’s brother M.J.T. Heard was born on January 8, 1862 and died on July 1, 1865 at the age of 3 1/2 years.

The April 10, 1865 edition of the Charleston Courier reported flooding that isolated the residents of Rush Ridge, it also reported the mandatory enrollment of local men into the militia to combat guerrilla fighters.

I have not been able to find the cause of death for the Heard family or what happened to the head of the family A.G. Heard. I did find that the April 10, 1865 edition of the Charleston Courier (Charleston, Mississippi County, Missouri) reported:

“Many of our citizens in the lower end of the County and also on Rush’s Ridge have been blockaded from our town on account of high water, and consequently, are not posted as to the arrangements being made to put down guerrilla warfare in our area for the next twelve months. Gen. Pope issued an order a short time ago for each County in the State to raise at least one company for the purpose of home protection and the carrying out of law and order in our courts throughout the State. In conformity with this order, Mississippi County has raised her Company, who will be mustered on Wednesday next.”

Since the Heard family did not all die at the same time I can only speculate what happened. Was it starvation? The flooding? Sickness? Or did a rogue element of militia from one side or the other take them out one by one? I’m not sure but it certainly seems systematic in nature and something I will continue to research.

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Digging Coal / Carrying Fire

Steve Earle performing “Devil Put the Coal in the Ground” for Public Theater NY.

Reader’s of this blog will no doubt notice that this post is a bit of a detour off the beaten path of my research into historical articles. Steve Earle has a new album coming out as well as a play about coal country both titled “The Ghosts of West Virginia. The first release is a song entitled “The Devil Put the Coal in the Ground”.

The song is haunting, both lyrically and musically. Lyrically the song is pure Appalachia:

The Devil put the coal in the ground

The Devil put the coal in the ground

Said I double dog dare you to follow me down

The Devil put the coal in the ground

As you would expect a banjo would be a natural fit for a song about tempting the Devil and digging coal but it is how the instrument is played that got my attention.

The lyrics are Appalachian, the instruments are Appalachian but the music is Middle Eastern. How could that be?

One possible explanation is that Earle is liberal in politics so maybe consciously or unconsciously he is linking coal and oil with global warming. Coal is from Appalachia and people usually associate oil with the Middle East. Appalachia lyrics and music but Middle Eastern music. It makes sense.

I have not found any interviews in which Earle suggests anything to confirm my theory. Could their be another reason?

In 2017 Robert Plant released “Carry Fire” its title track featured a Middle Eastern influence lyrically and musically

I suddenly remembered that this is not the first time I’ve heard a Middle Eastern influence in Western music. In 2017 Robert Plant released “Carry Fire” both the music and lyrics in the title track are heavily influenced by a Middle Eastern theme.

As with Earle, I could find no interviews in which Plant explains the inspiration for such a musical influence.

What if this sudden Middle Eastern influence in music is something more than the artists realize? What if it is a streaming consciousness that they are tapping into?

Is it a trend? I don’t think so, it’s natural, a foreboding musical prophecy. Humanity began in the Middle East and it is there where humanity will end. Time is accelerating and as it ushers in the final historic age a mass consciousness or awakening is developing organically. A calling for the final gathering.

Dr. Frank Nickell: Causes of the Civil War

On January 25, 2020 Dr. Frank Nickell was the guest speaker at the Stoddard Rangers Camp #2290 Sons of Confederate Veterans January meeting as part of the camp’s Civil War in Missouri Lecture Series. The event was held at the historic Stars and Stripes Museum in Bloomfield, Missouri. Dr. Nickell spoke to a capacity audience and encouraged dialogue and audience participation. We thank Dr. Nickell for taking the time to speak to the community.

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