The Post-War Betrayal of Missouri’s German Population.

I have written many articles on the history of Missouri, specifically, articles about the effect that “Mr. Lincoln’s War” had upon the state. Missouri was originally settled by the French, then the Scots-Irish, who had also settled the majority of Southern states. The Scots-Irish who settled the South ( and Missouri) had a much differentContinue reading “The Post-War Betrayal of Missouri’s German Population.”

Sam Hildebrand Pays a Visit to Bollinger County

I was looking over some older articles I had previously published and stumbled upon this gem about Missouri bushwhacker Sam Hildebrand’s visit to Bollinger County, Missouri… “Sam Hildebrand’s Confession” is certainly and interesting read. On pages 196-197 Hildebrand writes about a visit to Bollinger County, Missouri on May 25, 1864. He writes of going inContinue reading “Sam Hildebrand Pays a Visit to Bollinger County”

Featured Shirt of the Week, Foothills Heritage Cannon

Our latest offering from our Foothills Media Heritage Clothing Line pays tribute to the South. T-shirt is white, 100% cotton and features our trademark Foothills Media logo on the front, with a cannon on the back. Back of shirt reads “The Confederate State of Missouri” and “Est. 1861”. This beautiful photo was taken during theContinue reading “Featured Shirt of the Week, Foothills Heritage Cannon”

All New Foothills Media Heritage Series Line of Apparel.

Announcing our Foothills Media Heritage Series line of apparel. Part of our mission is to find unique ways to preserve and promote local history and historic landmarks in the Southeast Missouri Ozarks. Our first offering features the Barks Plantation home located in Glen Allen, Missouri. Front of shirt features our trademark Foothills Media logo, withContinue reading “All New Foothills Media Heritage Series Line of Apparel.”

The Twin Cities Did Themselves Proud; Was this 1893 event the biggest ever held in Lutesville, Marble Hill?

“The Twin Cities Did Themselves Proud”, this was the headline published in the July 6, 1893 edition of the Marble Hill Press, referring to a July 4, Independence Day celebration. The celebration was a coordinated event between the cities of Marble Hill and Lutesville, Missouri (which were separated only by Crooked Creek). By all accountsContinue reading “The Twin Cities Did Themselves Proud; Was this 1893 event the biggest ever held in Lutesville, Marble Hill?”

Confederate Memorial Day

Join us Sunday June 6, 2021 for a Confederate Memorial Day Service which will be held at the Stoddard County Civil War Cemetery located in Bloomfield, Missouri. The service starts at 2:00 pm and will feature noted historian and public speaker Danny Honnell, a live fire cannon salute, and echo taps played on the hillside.Continue reading “Confederate Memorial Day”

The Intruder: When Hollywood Came to Southeast Missouri

In 1962 Hollywood came to Southeast Missouri to make a movie starring William Shatner According to “The Intruder is a 1962 American film directed and co-produced by Roger Corman and starring William Shatner. It is adapted from a 1959 novel by Charles Beaumont. The story depicts the machinations of a racist named Adam Cramer (portrayed by Shatner), who arrivesContinue reading “The Intruder: When Hollywood Came to Southeast Missouri”

Rattlesnake Raid in Bollinger County

The May 13, 1886 Warrensburg Standard newspaper reported on a rattlesnake raid in the vicinity of Bollinger Mills (present day Zalma). According to the paper the party killed 17 rattlesnakes ranging in size from four feet to six feet. Additionally six “very large” snakes of varying species were killed before the rain stopped “the slaughterContinue reading “Rattlesnake Raid in Bollinger County”