Open Letter to the U.S. Supreme Court

I am writing in regard to the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election in which I have heard numerous examples of voter fraud. The main source of the fraud appears to be “mail-in” ballots. In states like Pennsylvania (in which President Trump held a significant lead) the vote count was stopped and mail-in ballots were broughtContinue reading “Open Letter to the U.S. Supreme Court”

Group demonstrates in support of keeping monument in place

From the Southeast Missourian newspaper dated Monday July 6, 2020… “From left: Steven Thrasher of Cottonwood Point, Missouri; Rodney Neville of Cooter, Missouri; and Clint Lacy of Marble Hill, Missouri, protest the potential removal of the Confederate monument from Ivers Square in Cape Girardeau on Sunday. “We’re protesting the removal of American history; it’s noContinue reading “Group demonstrates in support of keeping monument in place”

While Some Call for Compromise, Others Stand

Apologies for the low volume of the video. I don’t know what happened other than the fact that my phone got too hot and I had to shut it down. Rodney Neville of Cooter Missouri took the time to stand at the monument, give his own views about the War Between the States and givesContinue reading “While Some Call for Compromise, Others Stand”

Dispelling the Lies and Bringing You the Truth about the Attacks on Cape Girardeau’s Confederate Monument

Sign the petition to save Cape Girardeau, Missouri’s Confederate Monument to the Men of Southeast Missouri Contact Cape Girardeau Mayor Bob Fox General Lyon’s threat to kill every MAN, WOMAN & CHILD rather than work with the state government to maintain peace & neutrality: Planter’s House Hotel Meeting Tuesday June 11, 1861 At the insistenceContinue reading “Dispelling the Lies and Bringing You the Truth about the Attacks on Cape Girardeau’s Confederate Monument”

About Those Official Numbers

Most “official” sources claim that 110,000 Missouri men fought for the Union and some 30,000 fought for the Confederacy. I’ve always questioned these figures for several reason: 1: Does this number include Union soldiers from neighboring states whose units were designated as “Missouri” units? 2: Does this number include the number of Missouri men whoContinue reading “About Those Official Numbers”

St. Louis Globe Democrat Paid Tribute to Will Mayfield & Bollinger County, Missouri

The August 23, 1925 issue of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat covered the counties of Southeast Missouri in its “Travelog” series of the state. Included in the article is a substantial article about Bollinger County and William Mayfield, who the Globe described as “the County’s leading citizen” and “after many hearbreaking experiences and tribulations finally succeededContinue reading “St. Louis Globe Democrat Paid Tribute to Will Mayfield & Bollinger County, Missouri”

The Dedication of Sam A. Baker State Park

The July 5, 1928 edition of the Wayne County Journal-Banner carried the story of the [then] upcoming dedication of the Sam A. Baker State Park, even Missouri Governor Sam A. Baker was slated to speak at the event. The park is an old favorite destination to many of us in the Eastern Ozarks and theContinue reading “The Dedication of Sam A. Baker State Park”

Deadly Storm Cost Lives, Injuries

The June 1, 1917 edition of the Natchez Democrat (Natchez, Mississippi) reported on the deadly storms that passed through Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois. The paper reported that the storm did the most damage in Wayne and Bollinger Counties, with the heaviest loss in Zalma where 25 lives were lost and 200 injured. Deadly StormContinue reading “Deadly Storm Cost Lives, Injuries”

Black Panthers’ Existence Confirmed in the Press of the Past

Later one bright summer morning I saw the big cat crossing the valley field. He was black, about the size of a young calf but longer and slimmer with shorter legs. He did not run but bounded along with cat-like leaps…”