Breaking Brake

Wed, Jun 19, 1867 – 2 · Daily Missouri Republican (St. Louis, Missouri) ·

From the June 19, 1867 Daily Missouri Republican, a story of a horse thief from Bollinger county horse thief named “Brake” and a Madison county sheriff who planned to “break” him of his hobby.

The writer of the article had fun with a little play on words. Quoting from the article:

“Sheriff Cooper, of Madison county, on the 12th inst., Alson J. Brake, of Bollinger county, and had him locked up in Fredericktown jail. Brake had “borrowed”a horse, saddle and bridle from a citizen of Madison county and roped him off into Bollinger, where his father resides. The intention is to break Brake of his fondness for the flesh of other people’s horses. If he don’t break jail, this may be done , though the horse was a bay and not dun.”

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