Stoddard County Embraced Secession

The May 31’st 1861 Charleston [Missouri] Courier carried a story originally published in the Bloomfield Herald.

The article reported that:

“The Military ardor of South-East Missouri is up to the highest point. We hear of companies being raised at St. Luke, St. Francoisville, Spring Hill and Lakeville [present day Advance] as well as in other portions of our County. On Sunday a company of infantry, numbering about seventy members, was on parade in St. Luke and judging from appearances they would do some good execution in our swamp country. In Bloomfield we have both cavalry and infantry companies under drill. Whenever circumstances make it necessary Stoddard County will be respected on the field of battle.”

The Charleston Courier continued by adding their opinion which stated:

“Probably their ardor will die off somewhat when they come to see the “Price sell to Harney” for treason.

Brother Hall should recollect that Judge Jackson-who rules over him charged the Grand Jury, that all secession demonstrations (which includes the Herald) come within the purview of treason, and should be indicted.”

Editor’s note: The “Price sell to Harney” mentioned in the article is a reference to former Missouri Governor (later Confederate general) Sterling Price’s agreement with General Harney (who commanded the Western Army of the United States) to keep Missouri neutral. This however, never transpired because Captain Nathaniel Lyon and Frank Blair conspired to have Harney removed and replaced with Lyon but that is a story for another day.


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