My Appearance on the TBR History Hour

This week I sat down for an interview with Dr. Edward DeVries for TBR History Hour.

Dr. Ed and I talked for an hour about my latest book “The Rape of Delaware County”

We also discussed my relationship with Edwin Turlington, who was facing 10 years in prison for defending himself from a violent attack against a convicted felon, how the collaboration fell apart and how all of these circumstances inspired me to write about not only Turlington’s five-year legal battle but the greater corruption and violent crimes that are a common occurrence in Delaware County, Oklahoma. Note: I have to correct myself, I mistakenly referred to Darrell Philpott as “Jerry” Philpott. I apologize for the error.

“The Rape of Delaware County” is available in paperback for $10 (b/w 145 pages) and Kindle for $.99 (Free with Kindle Unlimited. Order by clicking this link.

Listen to the interview by clicking on the video below:


In addition to my appearance on the TBR History Hour, I appeared on Dr Ed’s OTHER program TBR’s Dixie Heritage Hour where we discussed the effects the recent Corona virus has had on Southeast Missouri. Listen to this interview by clicking the video link below.

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