Argument Between Elderly Confederate Veterans Ended in Knife Fight at Higginsville

The Jan. 17, 1924 edition of the Crane Chronicle (Stone County, Missouri) carries the story of an argument between two veterans in the Higginsville Missouri Confederate Soldiers Home which ended in a knife fight.

The January 17 1924 issue of the Crane Chronicle [Stone County, Missouri] carries a shocking ( and dare I say fascinating) story of two Confederate veterans who got into an argument over a spittoon [which the article refers to as a cuspidor].

The two combatants were Mose Scott (age 86) and Jim Cummings (78). Cummings was the last surviving member of Quantrill’s Raiders and was said to have been well acquainted with the James Brothers (Frank & Jesse) as well as the Youngers and the Coles (which the paper refers to as “pioneer outlaws of the Ozarks.”

Apparently when Mose Scott accused Jim Cummings of stealing the spittoon, Cummings called Scott “A damn liar!”. Responding in a fit of rage, Scott then produced a knife cutting Cummings’ cheek and abdomen”

Scott was brought before the court at which time Judge Walker asked what defense he had to offer, Scott responded by exclaiming “He called me a damn liar!”

Not wanting to send an elderly veteran to jail Judge Walker ordered Mose Scott sent to the State Hospital in Fulton (Callaway County) until the feud cooled down and Cummings could recover.

Knife fight between elderly Confederate VeteransKnife fight between elderly Confederate Veterans Thu, Jan 17, 1924 – 3 · The Crane Chronicle (Crane, Missouri) · SHSMO Digital Newspaper Project
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