Jim Fetzer’s the Raw Deal: Did President Trump Carry Out a Plan to Restore the Republic?

Evidence from several sources supports the hypothesis that Donald Trump carried out a plan to restore the United States as a Constitutional Republic from its status since 1871 as the corporation UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, where the papers were filed in London 18 months ago and the transition occurred at 11:59 19 January 2021, with all the assets of the corporation going to the republic.”

Professor Fetzer, puts forth some very interesting information here, however; I just don’t believe that Trump’s defeat (by theft of the Democrats) is not and was not part of a “plan” to save our republic. Not to offend any believers of “Q”, but if Trump’s defeat was all part of a plan, it was not a good plan. Still James and Danny produce some intriguing information about Joe Biden. Some things are amiss here for sure and the video is worth watching- Editor


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