New Release: The Rape of Delaware County

April 14, 2014 was a typical peaceful evening at the Turlington family farm outside of Jay, Oklahoma when Edwin Turlington saw what looked to be a fire burning on the portion of the property nearest to the highway. Upon investigating Edwin found what appeared to be three trespassers attempting to manufacture meth Upon confronting them one picked up a glass bottle and charged. In self-defense Edwin shot him one time in the leg. The story takes a unique twist when the criminal is allowed to walk free and Edwin is charged for the shooting. Facing a possible ten year jail sentence, Edwin Turlington launched his own investigation which revealed that, in Delaware County, Oklahoma the criminal justice system was corrupt from top to bottom. The use and protection of informants, millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements for rape and abuse in the county jail and a defense attorney who made international headlines in a murder for higher plot. Delaware County , Oklahoma was once a safe haven for outlaws and as Edwin Turlington soon found out, it still is. The only difference is that in the 21’st Century some outlaws wear badges and others have law degrees hanging on their wall. Paperback, 145 pages.


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