I founded Foothills Media LLC in February, 2019. Having previously been published in 2015 (Blood in the Ozarks, Poison Pen publishing ) and again in 2018 (A Truthseeker’s Guide to False Flags, TBR publishing) I decided it was time for me to branch out on my own in order to have more creative and marketing control over my work.

Foothills Media LLC’s first venture was the just released “A Beginner’s Guide to False Flags: The Deep State Agenda Behind America’s Biggest Events” ($15 available at Amazon).

I am currently working on a Second Edition of Blood in the Ozarks with over 20 pages of new information found since the publishing of the First Edition.

As time progresses and I get more established I will be seeking to publish manuscript submissions from other authors. Foothills Media LLC is rooted in the Southeast Missouri Ozarks with a spirit of independence and always dedicated to seeking out the truth. – Clint Lacy

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